Kendra has done quite a bit of work for Archetype Copywriting and she's never failed to deliver top quality writing. I love working with her and will definitely use her services more in the future. 

Katherine Stott, Founder of Archetype Copywriting

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Teaching Teens To Work Beyond Negative Pressures

Adolescence is a tumultuous time for both parents and teenagers. Teenagers must contend with fluctuating hormones, awkward bodily functions and the pressure to fit in. During this time, your children are becoming adults and will begin experimenting with their sense of identity. This opens them up to potentially harmful behaviours, which is why it’s essential to equip them with the skills to work beyond negative pressures.

Automobile Ball Bearings: Where They Are And What They Do

Every day across both industry and in our private lives, ball bearings keep vehicles functioning correctly ‒ avoiding friction and supporting both radial and axial loads. Automobile ball bearings are found in everything from wheels to turbochargers and are particularly important in vehicles because they help counteract the effects of inertia. Read more below to find out more about how these widely used engineering components are used in automobiles.